Tula Kremlin
Tula Kremlin is a unique monument to Russian fortification architecture. Its massive walls were speechless eyewitnesses of courage and bravery showed by Russian warriors.  In 2020 Tula Kremlin will celebrate its 500 anniversary. Built on the border line of Russian State of those times, it was one of the most important fortresses in the 16th centuries. For many times enemies tried to attack it but the Kremlin has never given up.  Today it’s a museum with fascinating history, a fortress that is perfectly preserved and a place that is loved by everyone who comes to Tula.
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“Yasnaya Polyana”
This corner of Tula Region is famous not only in Russia but far abroad. If you will ask a question about Leo Tolstoy or his famous novel “War and Peace”, you will definitely remember the place where the genius of Russian literature was born. In Yasnaya Polyana he spent most days of his life and created most of his masterpieces.
We offer you to visit places connected to Tolstoy and his family and to get detailed idea of his way of life, relationships inside the family, children, and descendants. We can guaranty you a visit of the estate with the house, if you will make an order before 31 days until the date of excursion. Together we can plan individual tour over memorial places which glorified Leo Tolstoy.

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